Banquet Event

Whether it is a wedding dinner, an anniversary dinner, an annual dinner, private luncheon, or any festival dinning occasion, a well plan and arrangement of banquet event is important to ensure the entire flow of service is up to standard. Beginning with the preparation arrangement starting from inviting your guest, confirming their attendance, looking for suitable venue and caterer/chef, seat arrangement, decoration, performance show availability and etc, all these activities consume time and require close follow up job in order to smooth out the operation.

During the actual banquet moment, we need to ensure all the services are in quality. From the way in welcoming our guest, lead them to the hall, introduction and sociability with other guests, drink and food serving, or any other relevant banquet service must be get ready in every moment in order to smooth out the entire event. By having delicious meal, and surrounding with amusing performance show such as musical or singing performance, it will take your guests to have a different level kind of banquet dining experience ever before.

Millennium Event Management is here to help. We provide all services as mentioned above. Since we are one-stop event solution provider, we are confidence that we can accomplish your banquet requirement with 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed. With our banquet solution, your guest will enjoy a most wonderful dinning event which is unique and delightful experience.