Charity Event

‘The more you Give, the more you gain.’

Contribution back to our society is an encouraging mission to every one of us. Regardless the donation in the form of monetary or any goods and services, our society needs a value of charity contribution to the needy people.

‘From the Community, Back to the Community’

Corporate sponsorship and donation plays an important role to help out our society in charity funding and assistance. On top of that there are plenty of benefits organizing a charity event whereby:

  • Increase the visibility recognition throughout the community by having your company brand and logo to be expose at the charity sponsor board.
  • Positive Image to the society.
  • Good media promotion.
  • Bring out the awareness of charity value & contribution so that more sponsor will join this meaningful event.

In summary, organizing a charity event not only allow us to support charity, but it also actually help one with free commercial value such as promoting / advertising a company positive image together with its product & services branding.

We organized various kind of charity campaign such as fundraising for a performance/concert whereby people can actually donate while enjoying the concert/performance, Donation meal coupon for charity luncheon or dinner; Musical / Concert event where part of the ticket profit will be solely for charity purpose, or even charity tournament whereby people can donate in order to participate various kind of fun games inside the fun fair.