Mask of Zoro?..

Not really, well, could it be some other attracted and mysterious man or woman behind?

Masquerade event has been available way back in 15th century in European countries. Initially the event can only held with the royal family especially for celebrating marriages or any dynasty events. Throughout the evolvement in centuries, masquerade event has been widely introduce from country to country. The evolvement also take place where, the initial participation only limited to royal, upper class citizen and gradually evolve to becomes more civilization event whose every one can actually organize such event in their favor.

Though there are changes from the very first masquerade balls event, but it still carries the components of elegant, luxurious and mysterious kind element to maintain its event flavor. However, a masquerade  event can be very different case by case, beside from what we have mention above, it could be a fun and entertaining party or dinner occasion since it could be just an event theme for amusing purpose but not the actual masquerade ball event which carries the elegant and mysterious ambience.