Road Show / Booth Show


Would you like to have more exposure of your product to the public? Or would you like to amplify your product brands in having more numbers of potential customers to engage with your company? How about increasing your sales traffic faster and speeding up business revenue? Road show and booth show is a proven and effective channel to go with whereby lot of large brand in Automotive industry, property industry, Food and beverage industry, broadband service industry happen to launch their road show / booth show time to time in order to retain their exposure to the market.

A success road show / booth show lies in the selection of the right place at the right time. Especially venue with large audience traffic will definitely pay their attention on this product launching or market event. Take automotive as example, it will most probably take place in the large crowded venue where people can walk in to see, to feel, and to ask anything about the product. Also, having an automotive road show during the Chinese New Year, or Hari Raya will definitely boots up the sales figure because people likes new year celebration with new apparels as well as new vehicles. Therefore the right place with right time will is an important element of success.

On top of that, other benefit of road show and booth show are:

  • Cost effective marketing tools
  • Get to speak and meet the exact prospect customer
  • Provide direct marketing contact to consumer
  • Flexible in customizing campaign according to industry
  • Product Transparency & Solution Ready

We assist many business owners to setup their road show / booth show to boost up the exposure of their product in the market. Our mission is to increase the awareness of your business to as many customers as possible.

We can add in bountiful content in your road show/ booth show event such as decoration as well as with musical or performance show arrangement in order to make it a more livery occasion.